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The Recycling Center promotes responsible environmentalism in Cherokee County through waste management practices, pollution prevention and education that result in protection and improvement of land, water, and air.
The Recycling Center serves only Cherokee County residents.

The Recycling Center will continue to accommodate the expanding recycling needs of our County, offer prompt and efficient litter pick up to our citizens and, through education efforts, raise awareness as to the importance of preventing our roads, waterways, and air from becoming polluted.


For your convenience, Cherokee County now encourages single stream recycling. Single stream recycling allows residents to recycle cans, paper, and plastic products without the need to separate the recyclables. Glass must be separated by color - white or clear, green and brown - and placed in specified dumpsters. 


The official recycling locations are at 470 Blalock Road in Canton and Hobgood Park at  6688 Bells Ferry Road. We encourage all residents to use these locations for all your recycling needs. 


For a list of acceptable recyclables click here.

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