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Code Enforcement

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What is the process to apply fo Indiguent Burial?
Junk Vehicle definition

What is the process to apply for Indigent Burial?

Cherokee County may provide funds, up to but not to exceed $1,000, through the Indigent Burial Assistance Program for the burial of indigents.  This program provides for burial assistance when there is no person financially able, or when no estate exists to defray the cost of burial.  In order to participate in the Indigent Burial Assistance Program, an application must be completed and filed with the Cherokee County Marshal’s Office (Refer to Application attached hereto and marked Exhibit “A”).  


The County Marshal’s Office is the county agent who investigates the availability of resources to defray the cost of burial and determines the eligibility status and financial responsibility of the applicant applying for burial assistance. The investigation involves but is not limited to: verifying bank accounts, insurance claims, veteran’s eligibility, vehicle ownership, real property ownership, personal property ownership, property secured by medical facilities or others, employers benefits, income, and resources.  This investigation will determine who is responsible for burial under O.C.G.A §36-12-3 and if an action under O.C.G.A. §36-12-4, "Liability of person sending pauper to the county for support services" is appropriate. Download the application here.

I got a citation for Magistrate Court, what do I do?

Unless the citation says "Must see the judge", you have the option to pay the fine. To find out how much the fine will be, contact Magistrate Court at 678.493.6431, or visit their website here.


Click on the link Pay Ticket to pay your Ordinance Citation online.

Large Trucks - What is a No-Through truck Zone?

A No-Through Truck route is a county road that does not allow trucks described as having three axles, 30 feet, 18 tons.

An ordinance to regulate and restrict the parking, through travel, and overnight storage of Large Trucks can be found here.

Click on the link Amendment for an updated list of restricted roads.

Are advertising signs allowed in Cherokee County?

Permitted monument style signs are allowed in Cherokee County. Signs in the right of way, signs on vehicles, and signs that have movement are prohibited. Click on Signs and Outdoor Advertising for a complete article.

Vehicle for Hire

All Vehicle for Hire permits are now being processed through the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Follow the link for more information: For-Hire Driver Endorsement.


The Cherokee County Marshal's Office is the county agent who investigates all applications for the wrecker rotation assignments.


For more information follow the link Wrecker Ordinance.


Download the application for the Wrecker Zone Assignment.

What is a Solicitor's Permit?

A solicitor's permit is required for anyone who goes door-to-door to solicit business for profit.

What is the Noise Ordinance?

Citizens may conduct business or participate in activities that may be noisy or loud between the following hours:

Monday - Saturday: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Sunday: 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM

What is the Vegetation Ordinance?

The Vegetation Ordinance applies to grass which must not exceed 12 inches (in residential areas only). Other conditions may also apply.

Are roosters allowed in residential zone areas?

Roosters are not allowed in residential zoned areas; they are allowed in agricultural zone properties provided that the coop they are housed in is at least 75 feet from all adjacent property lines. Up to eight hens are allowed in residential zones provided the property they are kept on is at least two acres.

Open Burning

A burning permit is required for all open burning. The burning of household garbage is prohibited. The burning of organic material (leaves, brushwood) is allowed. Burning may occur between 10:00 AM until one hour before sunset.


More information can be found at Cherokee County Fire or call 678.493.4022

When do I need a building permit?

A building permit is required for all structures erected, re-structured, or moved that measures 120 square feet or larger.

Permits may be obtained at the Development Service Center

What is the definition of junk vehicle?

 A vehicle may be considered a junk vehicle after having been wrecked, dismantled, abandoned, discarded, or which does not have a valid license plate where required and it is incapable of movement by its own power, or it remains in place for a period of more than seven days.

What is the definition of outdoor storage?

Outdoor storage includes any damaged lumber, junk, trash, garbage, debris, scrap metal, concrete, sand, asphalt, cans, bottles, tires, salvage materials, boxes, containers, bins, and abandoned, discarded, inoperative or unusable furniture, stove, refrigerator, freezer, sink, toilet, cabinet or other household fixtures, yard waste or equipment stored so as to be visible from any public road or from an adjoining property for more than 15 days, unless appropriate permits have been obtained from the county.

What is an unfit dwelling?

An unfit dwelling is one that has been damaged or dismantled to the extent of making it unhabitable. A complete definition of an unfit dwelling can be found here.

What is needed for an individual to operate a business within Cherokee County?

All businesses operating in Cherokee County are required to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate. This permit can be obtained from the Development Service Center.

When having a home occupation permit, can work be done outside the home?

No. A home occupation permit does not allow for businesses to be conducted outside the residence, to include storage of materials.

I got a citation for Magistrate Court, what do I do?
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Are advertising signs allowed in Cherokee County?
What is a Solicitor's Permit?
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What is the Vegetaton Ordinance?
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Are roosters allowed in residential zone areas?
When do I need a building permit?
What is the definiton of outdoor storage?
What is an unfit dwelling
What is needed for a business within Cherokee County
Home occupation permit
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