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Indigent Burial

What is the process?

Cherokee County may provide funds, up to but not to exceed $1,000, through the Indigent Burial Assistance Program for the burial of indigents.  This program provides for burial assistance when there is no person financially able or when no estate exists to defray the cost of burial.  In order to participate in the Indigent Burial Assistance Program, an application must be completed and filed with the Cherokee County Marshal’s Office (Refer to the Application attached hereto and marked Exhibit “A”).  


The County Marshal’s Office is the county agent who investigates the availability of resources to defray the cost of burial and determines the eligibility status and financial responsibility of the applicant applying for burial assistance. The investigation involves but is not limited to: verifying bank accounts, insurance claims, veteran’s eligibility, vehicle ownership, real property ownership, personal property ownership, property secured by medical facilities or others, employers benefits, income, and resources.  This investigation will determine who is responsible for burial under O.C.G.A §36-12-3 and if an action under O.C.G.A. §36-12-4, "Liability of person sending pauper to the county for support services" is appropriate. Download the application here.

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